Firework Organisations



BFA LogoThe British Fireworks Association – ‘BFA’                                    

The British Fireworks Association’s motto is ‘Safety, Quality, Reliability and they represents UK manufacturers and importers of fireworks. Their objective is to promote the safe and sensible use of fireworks. They are actively involved in the law on fireworks and represent its members on UK and European Committees that involve the use of Pyrotechnics.

 The British Pyrotechnists Association – ‘BPA’     

The BPA is the UK's Association for Professional Firework Display Companies and is committed to upholding high standards amongst its members, whose activities include the manufacture, importation, sale, transportation, training and use of display fireworks both by members of the public and professionals. It is also the leading source of information relating to the display companies and makes recommendations on Government legislation in the UK and Europe.

 UK Pyrotechnics Society                                                                          

The Society’s main concern is with the manufacture of fireworks. Most fireworks are now producedin the Far East but in the UK the manufacture and storage of explosives is highly regulated and so the society’s priorities are to clarify the legal position of members and provide them with safety and legal guidance.

eig The Explosives Industry Group – ‘EIG’                                       

The Explosives Industry Group of the CBI represents the majority of the UK industry explosive industry. EIG acts as a lobby group and information source for members. The Health and Safety Executive – ‘HSE’                                       

HSE is the national independent watchdog for work-related health, safety and illness. They are an independent regulator and act in the publics’ interest to reduce work-related accidents in the UK. The HSE provides info about the safe use of Fireworks and organising displays, storage and sale of fireworks and licensing to name just a few of their roles.

Logo The Civil Aviation Authority – ‘CAA’

The CAA is responsible for the policy regarding fireworks and their effect on aircraft. Individuals or

display organisers wishing to direct fireworks into the air must do so in a safe and sensible

manner, as mandated by legislation and must notify the CAA of the details of the display. The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents – ‘ROSPA’        


ROSPA have their own dedicated site to firework safety and anyone planning a display or firework

Party should refer to this site for all aspects on the prevention of accidents with fire and fireworks.

The site also includes useful tips on organising a firework display and dealing with specific types of  


The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals – ‘RSPCA’          


The RSPCA offer some very useful tips on caring for domestic pets during a firework display including

how to prepare them for the night and what precautions to take during the display. The National Outdoor Events Association – ‘NOEA’                


NOEA is the UK’s leading outdoor events Trade Association and is dedicated to improving the

standard of outdoor events through education and advice. Members include event suppliers and

production specialists, event and festival organisers, entertainment agencies, local authority events

departments, venues, universities and freelancers.
 The Events Services Association – ‘TESA’                                       


The Events Services Association represents organisers, promoters and suppliers involved in the UK

event industry, particularly those involved with outdoor events including fireworks. The Pyrotechnics Guild International, Inc – ‘PGI’                                               


The PGI is an independent worldwide non-profit making organisation of both amateur and

Professional fireworks enthusiasts who’s main aim is to promote the safe and responsible display

and use of pyrotechnics and fireworks. They also aim to encourage the use of fireworks in

conjunction with national holidays and other events and also promote safety and quality of

 Supplier & Services Association – ‘ESSA’                      


Event Supplier and Services Association (ESSA) is a trade association representing contractors and

suppliers of goods and services to the exhibition industry.  It benefits from sharing a secretariat

 with sister associations Association of Event Organisers (AEO) and Association of Event Venues

 (AEV), developing understanding between organisers, venues & their suppliers.

                                        Association of Event Organisers                                       


Run by its own members, the AEO is the trade organisation concerned with the interests of

companies who are involved in organising  trade and consumer events.