Buying Fireworks

Massive Fireworks 23/08/2019

Top 5 BIGGEST Fireworks you can buy!

Our Biggest Fireworks! At Fireworks direct we have everything from small cat 2 garden fireworks to massive cat 3 cakes! Why small fireworks are great ways to open shows and brillaint if you are stuck on space. But big fireworks will make your night truly memorable for you and your audience. In this blog we will show you are top 5 biggest fireworks we have to offer! 5. Manic Miner  –  16 Shot Firework  –  £63.99  –  65 seconds  Manic Miner was new for 2015, and not for the faint... Read More

setting up fireworks 22/08/2019
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Setting Up Fireworks Made Safe and Easy!

Setting up fireworks Everyone loves fireworks especially in the U.K with holidays like Bonfire Night! But setting up fireworks can be daunting at first especially if it is your first time lighting fireworks. But as you will see in this short blog, it is very simple and easy! Before we start Please remember this guide is not meant to replace any instructions given on your fireworks. Our advice is meant to build upon the instructions given on your fireworks. Always read the instructions on the fireworks. This will give you a... Read More

Firework laws 21/08/2019
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Firework Laws in The U.K Made Easy

Firework Laws Fireworks are amazing fun! Especially in the U.K where we have big holidays focusing on fireworks such a Bonfire night, New Years Eve and recently Halloween! But it is also important to make sure you are within the law when lighting off fireworks. In this blog we will be going through the most important firework laws in the U.K so that you can have a fun and perfectly legal fireworks display.   What times you are allowed to fire   Fireworks are only allowed to be used between... Read More

Gender Reveal Fireworks 21/08/2019
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Boy and Girl Gender Reveal Fireworks

Gender reveal fireworks Gender reveals are getting more and more popular with soon to be parents. And what better way to show the world the gender of your baby then with fireworks!  We have recently got new gender reveal fireworks for both boy and girl reveals. The candles are a very fun way to reveal your babies gender and as they are candle fireworks they are quieter then normal fireworks. Making them more appealing to children who don’t like loud bangs. Our candles come in a pair of two each... Read More

Garden Fireworks 20/08/2019

The Best Garden Fireworks On Offer!

Garden Fireworks At Fireworks Direct we have a massive range of fireworks are speciality being with garden fireworks. We have one of the largest selection of firework brands online! This means we can offer fireworks for all types of gardens and occasions. In this blog we will show garden fireworks you can buy for small and large gardens!   Garden fireworks with minium 15m viewing range   Fast & Furious  –  25 shot firework  –  £11.99  –  15 seconds  Fast & Furious is a small but awesome category 2 multishot... Read More

Rocket Firework 19/08/2019

Rocket Fireworks – Our Top 5 Rocket Fireworks

Rocket Fireworks We have a very wide range rocket fireworks at Fireworks Direct, big, small, colourful and loud. With all the fireworks we have to offer it can be hard to know which ones will be best for your fireworks display. In this list we will go though our top 5 picks for our Rocket Fireworks.     5. Flying Pig Rockets  –  Pack of 5  –  £24.99 The Flying Pig Rocket pack defies belief with their excellent performance and effects, and are better than a bacon sandwich! These are one of... Read More

Firework Saftey 14/08/2019

Firework Safety – Top 10 Firework Safety Tips

FIREWORK SAFETY Firework Safety Code The firework safety code is widely recognised in the UK. As a set of guidelines to ensure the explosives are handled in a safe manner by the public. There is nothing quite as thrilling as fireworks particularly here in the UK. Where they are the highlight of several celebrations including Bonfire Night and New Year’s Eve. However, when mishandled fireworks can be dangerous – they are explosives after all! Firing fireworks does not require any training however it’s important that you observe the following fireworks... Read More

Fireworks delivered direct to you 13/08/2019

Fireworks Delivered Direct to Your Door!

Delivery At Fireworks Direct we are an online only store so we make sure we give you the cheapest possible delivery cost! So when you Buy from us you can expect fireworks delivered direct to your door! Here is some of our pricing for getting your fireworks delivered from us. To collect fireworks in store please visit the following link.   UK Mainland Deliveries (for Highlands & Islands please see below): Free Delivery with orders over £195 (UK Mainland Only, excluding postcodes at the bottom of this section) – please note,... Read More


Buy Fireworks: Stunning, Safe and Affordable!

Buy Fireworks – Why you should choose us Our Huge Range At Fireworks Direct we pride our selves on the huge amount of range and selection we offer. With 23 well known and trusted brands as well as over 85 different fireworks! Rockets, roman candles, multi-shots, Catherine wheels, fountains and much more. We have got them all! buy fireworks  All of our fireworks are unique from one another offering a fast array of effects, colours and sounds! From our loudest firework Shakalaka BOOM BOOM to our quietest Chinese Whispers. Making it alot... Read More

Massive Fireworks 27/10/2017

Why Audience Size is Vital When You Buy Fireworks

When planning a fireworks display, it’s essential to know how many people will be attending and how much space you have to accommodate them. There are fireworks for sale to suit different occasions and your audience size is always something you should consider. If you’ve never worked with spectator-related events, this can be a difficult subject to grasp.  Quite often, we can be way wide of the mark when it comes to making such estimates, and the reality is that in most cases you can fit vastly more spectators than... Read More