Buying Fireworks

Image of an audience watching a fireworks display 27/10/2017

Why Audience Size is Vital When You Buy Fireworks

When planning a fireworks display, it’s essential to know how many people will be attending and how much space you have to accommodate them. There are fireworks for sale to suit different occasions and your audience size is always something you should consider. If you’ve never worked with spectator-related events, this can be a difficult subject to grasp.  Quite often, we can be way wide of the mark when it comes to making such estimates, and the reality is that in most cases you can fit vastly more spectators than... Read More

A fireworks display at night the view is seen from over the shoulders of other people who are in shadows 05/10/2017

Looking to Buy Fireworks? 5 Tips for Novices

Bonfire Night is right around the corner and firework season has just begun! If you’re about to buy fireworks for the first time, the tips in this article will help you to choose the most suitable and safe products to suit your needs. The end of summer means that the evenings are getting darker, the countdown to Christmas has begun, but most importantly, it’s firework season! Thanks to Bonfire Night being right at the beginning of November, it means that both Autumn and Winter are heavily populated with fireworks. During... Read More