Firework Laws in The U.K Made Easy

Firework Laws

Fireworks are amazing fun! Especially in the U.K where we have big holidays focusing on fireworks such a Bonfire night, New Years Eve and recently Halloween! But it is also important to make sure you are within the law when lighting off fireworks. In this blog we will be going through the most important firework laws in the U.K so that you can have a fun and perfectly legal fireworks display.

Firework laws


What times you are allowed to fire


Fireworks are only allowed to be used between 7am and 11pm, this is to avoid disturbing people and animals. However there are some exceptions to this.

  1. Bonfire night: On Bonfire night (5th Nov) you are allowed to use fireworks up till midnight
  2. New years Eve: The cut of for New Years Eve fireworks is 1am
  3. Diwali: For the Diwali the latest you can fire is 1am 
  4. Chinese New Year: For Chinese New Year the cut of is again 1am


Buying Fireworks

You are only allowed to buy fireworks (including sparklers) from registered seller for private use on the following dates:

26th – 31st December

15th October – 10th November

and 3 days before both Diwali and Chinese New Year

All other times of the year you can only buy fireworks from licensed shops, Fireworks Direct is one of the shops allowed to operate all year long!


Ages for buying fireworks

You are not allowed to buy any ‘adult’ fireworks if you are below the age of 18 this also includes sparklers. Adult fireworks are the fireworks classed as category 2 and 3, this doesnt include things like party popper or confetti cannons.

You should never light or throw fireworks near a highway, airport, street or any other public places. To use fireworks in these locations you must get lawful authority from your local police or council.

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