New Stock – Our Top 8 New Epic Fireworks!

Our new Epic Fireworks

This year we wanted to give you all new fireworks to spice up your displays! So we have brought in a huge range of Epic Fireworks! In this blog we will go through some of our new stock, giving details on the new fireworks, their run times, effects and prices.

Epic Fireworks

Napalm  –  19 Shot Firework  –  £19.97  –  30 seconds

To start we have Napalm. Napalm is a loud multi-shot firework that fires 19 golden stars one after the other which then burst into golden palms with blue coconuts. If you are after a firework with noise and pretty effects this is the one to go for! This would be brilliant for starting your fireworks display!



Heavy Duty  –  64 Shot Firework  –  £29.94  –  75 seconds

Heavy Duty may be a smaller firework, but it is packed full of amazing effects and is great value for money with it being the perfect display in a box lasting well over a minute! Effects include glittering comets, spinning projectiles, whistling comets to crackling bursts and columns of fizz all mixed together.



Camelot Storm  –  36 Shot Firework  –  £39.96  –  35 Seconds 

Camelot Storm is an awesome 30mm single ignition cake with a range of multi-coloured bursts, firing over 35 seconds. This piece is perfect for any display where you want to add colour and noise. Because of this its also great to use as a pre-finale in your display.


Screaming Spiders  –  100 shot firework  –  £49.98  –  60 Seconds

Screaming Spiders is a 100 shot display in a box which lasts about a minute. This piece starts well with golden crackling tails, crackling spinners, blue mines lifts and large blue peony bursts, followed by more mines which reveal red and breen tipped brocades with crackling. Next up are gold and silver whistling tails which burst into brocades with various colours. To finish with a volley of coloured comets trail into the sky and burst into a cluster of dragon egg crackles.



Thunderous Finale  –  64 shot firework  –  £59.64  –  60 seconds

Thunderous Finale is a big multi-shot firework which fires 4 shots at a time. Consisting of screeching projectiles that burst into large crackling breaks. It finishes with a huge 8 shot volley of chrysanthemum and palm tree crackles

 It is big and bold! The sound of the launch of those 4 shots each time is pretty amazing on its own. But then the screeching in each shot and those huge breaks will leave you speechless!

As Thunderous Finale fires all its huge shots straight up, a nice fan barrage would compliment this firework very well and help fill the sky even more.



King Hell  –  107 shot firework  –  £69.96  –  30 seconds 

King Hell is a multishot fan cake which contains a whole load of rapid firing effects including vivid purple and red stars, coloured tails with glitter, coloured peonies with blue tails, brocades, whistles and crackles. As this firework has a good pace it is also perfect to use as a finale piece or part of a finale.



Planet X – 64 Shot Firework – £72.94 – 40 seconds 

This is a new, beautiful and exciting firework from Epic’s wide selection of barrages.From the moment you light it, this medium to fast firing little monster will entertain everyone, pyro lovers or not!

Each shot explodes into the sky with a loud and satisfying crack before bursting into a sky full of glittering comet tails and red tipped stars. Bright silver and deep blue ground effects go on to open up into thick palm fronds and then a crackling cloud repeated until the last two banks of whistling comets before a finale of a crackling cloud.


Toxicado  –  84 Shot Firework  –  £99.96  –  75 seconds 

This beast of a firework starts by firing mutli-coloured pearls that turn in to strobing stars which stay suspended in the sky for a few seconds. Followed with exciting cracking sounds. Ensuing the sky stay lit up during the display.

Featuring some big and impressive silver/ white palms and a surprise bank of comets. This firework is sure to be a very popular addition to our wide range of fireworks. With its very long duration of 1 minute 15 seconds, wide verity of effects and medium to fast paced fire rate. Its bound to be great for any display.



So that is our top 8 brand new Epic Fireworks! To view our Epic fireworks follow this link:

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