Setting Up Fireworks Made Safe and Easy!

Setting up fireworks

Everyone loves fireworks especially in the U.K with holidays like Bonfire Night! But setting up fireworks can be daunting at first especially if it is your first time lighting fireworks. But as you will see in this short blog, it is very simple and easy!

Before we start

Please remember this guide is not meant to replace any instructions given on your fireworks. Our advice is meant to build upon the instructions given on your fireworks. Always read the instructions on the fireworks. This will give you a guide on what ground to place your firework one along with other helpful information. This could include the category of firework, the minimum viewing distance for you audience and how to secure your firework.


Setting up the cakes

A ‘cake’ is a common name for multi-tube firework. You want to start by taking any packaging off, this will be marked with a label saying ‘remove packing’. Do NOT remove the paper on the firework. There are a few ways to secure a cake the most common one is with a spike in the ground. If you are firing from dirt you simply put a spike along side the cake. Secure the firework around the spike with strong duct tape, this is only to stop the firework from falling over. If the ground is damp or wet you may want to put a wooden bored under the firework. Also if you plan to firework 2 cakes at the same time you may want to attached them to the same post.

If you are setting up fireworks on a hard surface such a concrete there is another way to stabilise your fireworks. Simply place bricks or other heavy objects around the sides of the firework to stop it from falling over.

Setting up fireworks cake


Fan cakes


Fan cakes require a bit extra observation as fan cakes have a certain direction to face the audience. This will be shown on the label of the firework and say something along the lines of ‘face this side to audience.

Another heads up  is that fan fireworks have a much wider effect then normal cakes so be mindful of your surroundings.


Fan firework



Setting up candle fireworks

Setting up candles is very similar to setting up cakes. The only difference being that candles are taller then cakes make them a bit more awkward to secure to a post. How ever the same rules apply as with the cakes. Setting up candles on hard ground is very hard and not recommenced. Some people make wooden frames to hold the candles if they are firing on a hard surface but this is quite difficult and should only be done by professionals.

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