The Best Garden Fireworks On Offer!

Garden Fireworks

At Fireworks Direct we have a massive range of fireworks are speciality being with garden fireworks. We have one of the largest selection of firework brands online! This means we can offer fireworks for all types of gardens and occasions. In this blog we will show garden fireworks you can buy for small and large gardens!


Garden Fireworks

Garden fireworks with minium 15m viewing range


Fast & Furious  –  25 shot firework  –  £11.99  –  15 seconds 

Fast & Furious is a small but awesome category 2 multishot garden firework that has a great pace. 25 shots consisting of red and green star bursts with crackling fill the sky for about 15 seconds.



Chinese Whispers  –  27 shot firework  –  £17.99  –  30 seconds

Chinese Whispers is a Category 2 garden firework that is slightly different from most. It is a quieter firework and starts with a serene red and crackling fountain and then fires shots of colourful flying fish, falling leaves, strobing mine lifts and then silver comet tails. It finishes with a volley of glittering horsetails.



Galaxia  –  25 shot firework  –  £18.99  –  60 seconds

Galaxia is an awesome 25 shot, category 2 firework with very pretty effects. It is full of large glittering multi-coloured stars and golden palm bursts. Which with blue stars which finishes with golden willows with twinkling red stars.


Redshift Rider  –  25 shot firework  –  £18.99  –  32 Seconds

Perfect for any type of display, this 25 shot Catagory 2 firework ejects spinning projectiles. Which shift and change into bursts of red, blue and gold with red strobing stars. We are sure you will enjoy the ride this firework takes you on. This firework is great value for money especially with the length of its duration.



Garden fireworks with minium 25m viewing range

Napalm – 19 Shot Firework – Multi-Shot  –  £19.92  –  30 seconds

Napalm is a loud multi-shot firework that fires 19 golden stars one after the other which then burst into golden palms with blue coconuts. If you are after a firework with noise and pretty effects this is the one to go for!




Heavy Duty  –  64 Shot Firework  –  Multi-Shot  –  £29.94  –  75 seconds

Heavy Duty may be a smaller firework, but it is packed full of amazing effects. It iss great value for money with it being the perfect display in a box lasting well over a minute. Effects include glittering comets, spinning projectiles, whistling comets to crackling bursts and columns of fizz all mixed together.



Big Time  –  30 shot firework  –  Multi-shot firework  –  £25.99  –  20 seconds

Big Time is a great firework where 30 red projectiles are fired into the air one after the other and burst into huge golden palms with sparse crackling clusters to give an extra touch of class.


Shakalaka BOOMBOOM  –  48 shot firework  –  £51.99  –  60 seconds 

If its bangs and noise you’re after then this is the firework for you! Filled with potent flash powder this serves up massive bursts of red & white glitter, green & white glitter, yellow & white glitter, blue & white glitter and finally purple & white glitter for a whole minute.




Planet X  –  64 Shot Firework  –  £79.92  –  40 seconds

This is a new, beautiful and exciting garden firework from Epic’s wide selection of barrages. From the moment you light it, this medium to fast firing little monster will entertain everyone, pyro lovers or not!

Each shot explodes into the sky with a loud and satisfying crack before bursting into a sky full of glittering comet tails and red tipped stars. Bright silver and deep blue ground effects go on to open up into thick palm fronds and then a crackling cloud repeated until the last two banks of whistling comets before a finale of a crackling cloud.



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