The Best Quite Fireworks You Can Buy!

Quite fireworks are becoming more and more popular especially in the United Kingdom. They are brilliant for all kinds of reasons such as: if there are animals near by, if you live in a busy area, if you have kids that dont like loud bangs and much more. But what quite fireworks lacks in bangs makes up in beautiful colour and effects. We have a very varied range of quite fireworks from roman candles and cakes to Catherine wheels and fountains.

Quite Fireworks

Zombie – 30 Shot firework

Zombie is a 30 shot low noise multishot quite firework which produces red tails to blue stars and silver fish, green tails to blue stars with falling leaves and blue tails to blue stars with white strobes. This one is great if you want something a bit different in your display from the usual loud bangs and bursts. 

Chinese Whispers – 27 shot firework

Chinese Whispers is a Category 2 firework that is slightly different from most. It is a quieter firework and starts with a serene red and crackling fountain. Then fires shots of colourful flying fish, falling leaves, strobing mine lifts and then silver comet tails. It finishes with a volley of glittering horsetails.

Chemical Romance – 30 Shot firework

You will fall in love with Chemical Romance at first sight! This is a professional and beautiful looking firework which fires 10 volleys of “trident” formation comet tails with blue star mine lifts, and each formation breaks into alternating green, red and yellow crossettes with comet tails. This is a quieter firework than most as well meaning it is ideal if your’re looking for a quieter display

Flying Colours – 62 shot firework

This is a new flagship item for our quieter fireworks range with 62 shots of swimming fish, fanned falling leaves and glitter in various colours. It finishes with a volley of crackling palm bursts for good measure as well.

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