Top 5 BIGGEST Fireworks you can buy!

Our Biggest Fireworks!

At Fireworks direct we have everything from small cat 2 garden fireworks to massive cat 3 cakes! Why small fireworks are great ways to open shows and brillaint if you are stuck on space. But big fireworks will make your night truly memorable for you and your audience. In this blog we will show you are top 5 biggest fireworks we have to offer!

biggest fireworks

5. Manic Miner  –  16 Shot Firework  –  £63.99  –  65 seconds 

Manic Miner was new for 2015, and not for the faint hearted. It is a display quality single ignition 16 Shot Mine cake with truly professional quality effects and a mind-blowing finale. Each shot contains 3 bursts and is accompanied by a colossal mine lift, so in total there are 48 astounding bursts. Due to its massive 50mm tube diameter and having a long hang time too, this cake runs for almost 70 seconds making it great value for money. It also features dual fusing for added safety. This is a brilliant way to start our biggest fireworks list!


4. Rio Grande  –  80 shot barrage  –  £86.99  –  60 seconds

Combining pace and spectacle, this 80 Shot display cake is perfect for both back garden displays. and professional displays with its huge & stunning vibrant colours and effects. No show will be complete without this amazing piece. The combination of stunning effects and pace! You won’t believe the amount of colour, noise and effects that are crammed into this firework. This is perfect for a finale piece!


3. Firestorm – 135 shot Firework – £99.99 – 50 seconds

Firestorm is a stunning single ignition firework which ejects a multitude of stunning and colourful effects that cover the sky. It hosts a number of firing patterns as well, firing straight up, trident formation, Z firing and compete fans to give a good, varied display.


2. Toxicado  –  84 Shot Firework  –  £99.94  –  75 seconds 

This beast of a firework starts by firing mutli-coloured pearls that turn in to strobing stars which stay suspended in the sky for a few seconds, followed with exciting cracking sounds. Ensuing the sky stay lit up during the display.

Featuring some big and impressive silver/ white palms and a surprise bank of comets. This firework is sure to be a very popular addition to our wide range of fireworks. With its very long duration of 1 minute 15 seconds, wide verity of effects and medium to fast paced fire rate. Its bound to be great for any display.


1. Ragnarok  –  120 shot  –  £159.99  –  90 seconds 

Ragnarok is a compound firework with 120 shots. It is big, bold and contains high quality effects.

Just like Norse mythology states this firework provides a spectacular display. Just like the final battle and events that takes place that end the Asgardian world. Big coloured bursts with fizzing tails, huge palm breaks, explosions of go-getter stars, volleys of sublime starbursts and a gold brocade finale all provide the ultimate battle and Armageddon in the sky! All of that puts Ragnarok at number one for best big fireworks.


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