Rocket Fireworks – Our Top 5 Rocket Fireworks

Rocket Fireworks

We have a very wide range rocket fireworks at Fireworks Direct, big, small, colourful and loud. With all the fireworks we have to offer it can be hard to know which ones will be best for your fireworks display. In this list we will go though our top 5 picks for our Rocket Fireworks.

Rocket Fireworks



5. Flying Pig Rockets  –  Pack of 5  –  £24.99

The Flying Pig Rocket pack defies belief with their excellent performance and effects, and are better than a bacon sandwich! These are one of the best performing rockets you can get for their size, at 80cm long with a 2″ ball-head. These rockets are 1.3G meaning they have more explosive content in them for that bigger bang and spread of effect, hence their great performance. Have a look at their video to see just how good they are!

The Flying Pigs are best used with multishot and/or single ignition fireworks to create moments of impact in your display. Another option would be to let them all off at once for a big sky filling extravaganza.

4. Silly Cow Rockets  –  Pack of 5  –  £24.99

Next is the sister to Flying Pigs. The Silly Cows Rocket pack may have a funny name but these rockets are seriously good when it comes to performance, even for their size at 80cm long with a 2″ ball-head sized payload. The reason they are so good performance wise is because they are a 1.3G. This means they have more explosive content in them for that bigger bang and spread of effect. Check out their video to see just how good they are!

The Silly Cows are best used alongside multishot and/or single ignition fireworks to create punchier moments in your display, however you can let them all off at once for a nice sky filling effect.


3. Space Mission Rocket  –  Pack of 16  –  £49.99

This Space Mission Rocket pack comes with 16 different rockets in 3 sizes, all of which are 1.3G. Each rocket has its own unique effect and the effects range from starbursts, glitter and crackles to brocades and palms, so there is plenty in this pack in terms of variety that will give an extra boost to your display. The cheer amount of rockets that come with this pack makes it to our number 3 spot.


2.  Total Wipeout Rockets  –  Pack of 3  –  £59.99

The Total Wipeout rocket pack are one of the largest rockets we have ever sold and look impressive even before you let them off. When you do let them off you will be blown away by the amazing effects and power they have! The size of these bangs made this a hard choice between this and number 1!  Because of the size of these firework rockets you will need a minimum view distance of 25m.

Effects Include:

  • Red Palm with Chrysanthemum
  • Brocade To Blue with Silver Glitter
  • Silver Glitter King


1. Dynamo Rocket  –  Pack of 9  –  £62.99

Our number one spot goes to the Dynamo Rocket! This pack contains 9 rockets which are packed full of amazing effects and energy to give your display extra boost! The range of effects in this pack will ensure your display won’t be missing out on anything…including the very different swimming octopus effect! Look out for it! The size of the bangs, the range off effects and the number of rockets per pack put this firework rocket at out top spot!


We hope you enjoyed our top 5 rocket fireworks! Here our some links to help you on prepare the best firework display!

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