Can anyone place an order on Fireworks Direct?  

Anyone based in mainland UK can place an order with us. However, you must be over 18 – id is requested upon delivery. 

How much does delivery cost? 

You can buy fireworks with free delivery on orders over £350. There is a delivery charge of £29.50 on orders under £79.99, £19.50 on orders worth £80.00 - £149.99, and £9.50 on orders valued between £150.00 - £174.99. For more information, please see our delivery terms

Why do firework deliveries cost more than other e-commerce websites?

There are several UK regulations surrounding transportation of explosive goods such as delivery being limited to only explosive couriers which dramatically increases the price. However, we pride ourselves on offering the most competitive online prices and therefore subsidise on most orders. 

How soon can I receive my delivery? 

There is express delivery of two working days on all orders regardless of the order value. So, if you place an order on Tuesday before midnight, you’ll receive your delivery on Thursday. 

Is there a minimum spend?

There is currently a minimum spend of £50 on the website subject to change. 

Can I edit or cancel my order? 

Of course, just give us a quick call on 0845 208 0241 or drop us a line [email protected]. We aim to rectify your order within a week or less. In the event of a cancellation, a full refund will be provided within 30 days of placing your order. 

When will my order be dispatched? 

All orders are usually dispatched within 48 hours upon placing an order. You will receive an email once it has been sent out on delivery. 

There’s a product missing from my order, what do I do? 

Just give us a call on 0845 208 0241 or email us [email protected] and we’ll send out whatever is missing. We request that orders are checked within the first 48 hours of delivery.  

My firework didn’t go off, what do I do? 

We pride ourselves on providing excellent quality fireworks. Unfortunately, sometimes it just doesn’t go off! Fireworks Direct offer a No-Dud Guarantee: if the fireworks fails to go off, simply take a photo of it and email it to us [email protected] and we’ll provide you with a full refund (Note: Refund will be calculated on an 'after discounts' basis if applicable).

I’ve received my product but would now like a refund. What should I do? 

You are entitled to a full refund within 30 days from your delivery. The same delivery charge will apply for collection. 


Do I need a licence or training to buy fireworks? 

All fireworks available on this website are suitable for regular consumers and therefore you don’t require any formal training or licence. 

Do I need insurance to put on a display? 

With all firework safety measures put in place, you can be assured that the evening will run smoothly. However, is it important to feel confident that everything is covered should any problems occur. Household insurance policies usually cover £1 million in public liability. It is worth double checking this! In the unfortunate event that our products are faulty, £10 million product liability insurance covers all fireworks.  

Do I need permission? 

If it’s a display in a private property, the simple answer is no. However, we recommend that you politely notify neighbours so they can also plan (particularly if they have young children or pets). You may also like to notify nearby farm owners and the Civil Aviation Authority and/or the coastguard if you’re near the airport or sea. 

A community/public display will require permission from the landowner. 

Are your fireworks safe? 

Fireworks Direct is considered highly reputable. It meets the British and European safety standards. Products are clearly marked with relevant labels to show this. 

Where should I set up my display? 

If setting up in your back garden, you must meet the recommended safety distance between the fireworks and spectators known as the safety zone. Category 2 fireworks are designed for small spaces and only require 5-8 metres distance while Category 3 fireworks require at least 25m distance. 

There must also be enough room for the fallout zone (space for debris to fall). This is usually the same distance as the safety zone. 

Do I need additional equipment?

We recommend that the person lighting the firework wears gloves and safety goggles at all times. Fireworks Direct provides a portfire with every firework purchased so there is a reasonable safety distance when lighting the fuse. 


What if it rains? 

There should be no problem firing your products on a rainy day but it is essential that you keep them dry before that. A soggy piece of cardboard is of no use to anyone! Watch our quick 5 step video on how to waterproof fireworks

What are category 2,3 and 4 fireworks? 

Fireworks are put into different categories based on several factors including gunpowder level, size, weight and how far it ejects debris. 

Category 2 and 3 fireworks are known as consumer fireworks. These are the ones available on the website. The former is also known as garden fireworks as it requires less safety space starting from 5 metres while Category 3 fireworks are known as display fireworks as they generally require at least 25 metres distance. Category 4 products are exclusively available to professionals and can be highly dangerous to the untrained. 

It’s my first time buying fireworks, I don’t know where to start 

Buying fireworks for the first time can be a daunting experience. Each category on the website such as single ignition or rocket fireworks has a comprehensive description of the firework type and everything you need to know! If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on [email protected]

What are single ignition fireworks

A single ignition also known as single fuse or display in a box is a firework with one fuse with multiple effects. It’s highly popular as it produces a spectacular display with minimum work.  

What are rocket fireworks

A tube shaped pyrotechnic attached to a guiding stick that flies into the sky with full force. 

What are roman candles

A traditional firework shell that shoots out comets, stars, and various other effects. 

What is a firework package

These are carefully picked products packaged together by professionals with a recommended order in which they should be fired. This is ideal for when you want to put on your own display and looking for multiple fireworks.