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Fantastic Direct has a broad range Category 3 (home-use) fireworks, including some very loud fireworks! Choose from the loudest fireworks selection we could assemble, all of which you can buy online today with a price match guarantee. If you want some effects to complement these loud fireworks, or to punctuate your display, why not look as well at our quiet fireworks collection. These include the ever popular Waterfall firework effect and many Catherine wheels, all of which will make the loud fireworks appear louder by comparison!

Our selection of loud fireworks is among the best you will find for sale in the UK. When your audience watches your fireworks display, the colours and effects will wow them, but the most memorable moments will come from the bangs! The effects within this section are sure to provide the noise and the bangs you are looking for! You will be able to design the perfect audio as well as visual display with our loud fireworks.

From B-52 Bright Star Rocket Packs to the Atomic Reactor and Thunderous Tower, there is plenty to up the decibel level with. Look out for the noise level rating to help you choose the noisiest fireworks.  Our loud fireworks will help to increase the impact on any Bonfire Night or wedding fireworks display. Each rocket pack, multishot or single ignition firework has an array of vibrant colours, and our YouTube product videos will help you get an idea of the firework’s performance and colour levels, as well as how loud you can expect a firework to be.

Having looked through the excellent Fireworks Direct loud fireworks range, have a look at our single ignition fireworks if you want some easy-to-use fireworks to help you add to a terrific display.