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Big Rockets from Fireworks Direct:

Fireworks Direct is proud of its richly assembled range of retail rocket fireworks which are suitable for any celebration or event, and no fireworks display is complete without the lighting of big rockets! Our rocket range has been selected from the UK's best fireworks retailers and every one of our big rocket fireworks can be bought online at the best price available in the UK. These rockets will add that extra bit of altitude and sky-fill to your fireworks display, but to complement them you may also want to have a look at our multishot fireworks range too. If you want to impress your audience with vibrant colours and plenty of whooshing rockets, these two types of fireworks are what you're looking for, but if you want to ad that extra bit of noise, check out our loud fireworks.

When to Buy Rockets:

If you need something to get up above, say 50 metres, our big rockets are the best way to achieve this. Rocket fireworks have the added crowd-pleasing 'whoosh' noise as they rise, and in doing so create an excellent beginning, middle or end to your fireworks display. Some of the big rockets from the Fireworks Direct range reach up to 100 metres, so can be comfortably seen for miles around.

The Fireworks Direct Rocket Range:

The minimum quantity our big rockets are packaged in are packs of 4 rockets, and our Monster Mix Rocket pack contains 24, which can make for a great addition to your display, or indeed a stand alone fireworks display. 

Once you have looked through the range of rockets for sale at Fireworks Direct, why not then turn your attention to the single ignition fireworks range, which can add more pace and intensity to your fireworks display. If, once you have looked through our entire range, you just want us to put something together for you, check out our pre-packed DIY fireworks display packs.